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Rule of Law
Improving Legislative Processes

Developing training modules to enhance legislative skills in drafting, creating oversight mechanisms and budget cycles, gender-based analysis, public policy research, development and analysis, and identifying best practices and indicators for effective legislatures.

  • Assistance in legislative drafting: POGAR launched the project "Development of Legislative Drafting for Arab Parliaments" in February 2003. The project aimed at developing a legislative drafting module for Arab parliaments. As part of this project:
    * POGAR and the Lebanese Parliament organized the "Workshop on The Development of Legislative Drafting for Arab Parliaments (3-6 February 2003, Beirut)".
       - Workshop information, agenda, publications and recommendations
    * POGAR commissioned the Arabic translation of the manual Assessing Legislation - a Manual for Legislators that was prepared by Professor Robert B. Seidman & Professor Ann Seidman.
    Arabic translation: Cover,Table of Contents and Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9
  • Fostering interactive policy dialogue in areas common to Arab legislatures through the coordination of regional networks; developing an internship programme to place graduate students from Arab universities in Arab legislatures to perform tasks supporting various parliamentary functions.
  • Improving the Internet presence of Arab parliaments through Arab Parl Web, an initiative to launch new websites and to upgrade the content and presentation of existing sites, in accordance with guidelines established by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Arab Parl Web also builds capacities in information technology, enabling Arab parliaments to maintain their respective sites. Thus far, the initiative has provided assistance to parliaments in Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union.
  • Supporting the development of the Arab Parliamentary Database, a relational database of primary legal sources in 21 Arab countries. The database is hosted on POGAR�s website https://www.undp-pogar.org/pdb/
  • Strengthening the Oversight Functions of Arab Legislatures in the Area of Budget Process, Analysis and Accountability (2003):
    The Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (POGAR) undertakes an initiative to support the Arab Legislatures enhance their oversight functions and mechanisms. The Programme, in partnership with Arab Legislatures, will organize a regional workshop " Strengthening the Oversight Functions of Arab Legislatures in the Area of Budget Process, Analysis and Accountability" to identify needs and priorities in strengthening the oversight functions of parliaments; and devise a work plan for building the capacity of Arab legislatures, in budget oversight and financial accountability.
    POGAR will work with Arab Legislatures to achieve these objectives through focusing on three outputs:
    1) organizing a regional workshop focusing on:
       a) comparative approaches and mechanisms currently implemented by Arab Legislatures to influence, analyze and oversee the budget process, allocation and implementation;
       b) comparative experiences from selected parliaments from other regions;
       c) drawing lessons learned and best practices; and
       d) identifying effective oversight mechanisms and tools that would strengthen the oversight capacity of Arab Legislatures;
    2) devise a work plan for in-country activities to strengthen parliaments' oversight mechanisms and tools; and
    3) create a regional network on parliamentary oversight and accountability.

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