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Morocco - Human Development Report 2005 [English][Arabic][French].
This Report on "50 years of Human Development in Morocco and Perspectives for 2025 - The Future is Being Built and the Best is Possible" presents rich sets of databases and arguments for inspiring debate, drawing on lessons form past experience and indicating paths for development in the two coming decades. It is intended as a civic contribution, animated as much by patriotism as by the requirements of objectivity. The general report, which synthesizes the thirteen major thematic and crosscutting studies without merely summing them up, consolidates the lessons of retrospective evaluation and sketches possible futures for 2025.
Morocco - National Millennium Development Goals Report 2005 [French].
This report is the second national MDG report on Morocco. It reviews successively the MDGs and the targets, the performance indicators, the constraints, as well as the recommendations for 2015.
Morocco - Human Development Report 2003 [French].
"Governance and Acceleration of Human Development" - this Human Development complements the two preceding reports with a contribution aimed at deepening the methods of apprehension and analysis of the different dimensions and outcomes of human development. Morocco's Human Development Index (HDI) reached 0.630 in 2002 and indicates by it recent progression that Morocco is positioned to make a quantitative jump in human development by attenuating the disparities among social categories and geographic zones.
Morocco - National Millennium Development Goals Report 2003 [French].
Morocco - UNDP Poverty Report 2000 [English].
Morocco assessment: Overcoming Human Poverty: Regional Targeting for Poverty Reduction.
Morocco - Human Development Report 1998-1999 [French].
The purpose of this report, Human Development Achievements in Rural Areas, is to show the strengths and weaknesses of efforts made in the human development process in Morocco. It demonstrates the delay of development in rural areas draws lessons and makes recommendations for accelerating this rural development.
Morocco - Human Development Report 1997 [English].
The 1997 Morocco National Human Development Report "Sustainable Human Development " is divided into four sections. The principal section is looking at the economic and population context of human development as well as the impact of globalization on human development in Morocco.