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Ministry of Commerce [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Culture [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Education [Arabic].
Ministry of Employment and National Solidarity [English][French].
Ministry of Finances [French].
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Industry and Promotion of Investment  [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Interior [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Justice [Arabic][French].
The functions of the central administration in the Ministry of Justice are regulated by Executive Decree No. 333 of 2004. The Ministry of Justice supervises the activities of the judicial authorities that settle civil, commercial, administrative, social and arbitration disputes. Through the “directorate of Penal Affairs and Pardon Procedures”, the Ministry of Justice also supervises the activities of public prosecutions, republic prosecutions, investigation bureau and judicial authorities that decide on penal acts, including corruption, The Directorate of Legal and Judicial Cooperation in the Ministry participates in drafting and formulating international legal agreements and proposing necessary amendments for integrating and harmonizing national legislation with international standards. Mr. Tayeb Beleez is the Minister of Justice.
Ministry of Labor and Social Security [Arabic].
Ministry of Parliamentary Relations [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs [Arabic].