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Ministry of Business and Trade [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Culture [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Economy and Finance [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Education [Arabic].
Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs [Arabic].
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Interior [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Justice [English][Arabic].
The first government in Qatar included a ministry of legal affairs called the Ministry of Justice established by Law No. (5) of 1970. This law stipulates that the Ministry of Justice organizes the work of courts, except Islamic courts, administratively and financially. The Ministry also supervises and inspects the activities of those courts. The Ministry is entrusted with observing the behaviour of judicial staff, checking their technical competence and regulating their administrative and financial affairs. The Ministry also conducts studies concerning legal affairs of other government ministries and oversees religious opinion given on various matters (Fatwa). Mr. Hassan Bin Abdullah Al-Ghanim is the Minister of Justice.
Ministry of Labor [Arabic].
Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning [English][Arabic].
Ministry of Social Affairs [Arabic].