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Ministry of Justice  [English][Arabic].
The Ministry of Justice was established on April 11, 1921, as the executive arm of the Jordanian judiciary. The institutional goals of the Ministry of Justice are: 1- Raise the institutional capacity and competence of the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary, enabling them to perform their duties and provide their services with competence and efficiency. Minister of Justice: Mr Ayman ODEH. 2- Provide the necessary financial, human, and technical resources for the courts to improve judicial performance. 3- Modernize and develop legislation, particularly as relate to the economy and investment, and review regional and international judicial cooperation agreements. 4- Spread a legal culture among all sectors of society. The Judicial Inspection Directorate was first established in accordance with Regular Courts' Inspection Regulation No. 105 of 1965,It now exercises its authority under Judicial Inspection Regulation No. 47 of 2005, which is aligned with the strategic direction of the Jordanian Judiciary.The Directorate is responsible for inspecting trial judges, execution judges, members of the Attorney General’s office, and State Lawyers Assistants at least once a year for appointment or promotion purposes.