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Central Bureau of Statistics [Arabic].
The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) main function is to provide Official statistics on demographic, social, economic and environmental states and trend to serve the Palestinian citizenry, and to serve the instrumental needs of businesses and their organizations for statistical information on states and trends.
Central Elections Commission [English][Arabic].
The Central Elections Commission (CEC) is an independent body in charge of administering, conducting and supervising presidential and legislative elections in Palestine.
Commission of Human Rights and Non-Governmental Organizations Affairs [English][Arabic].
European Commission's Technical Assistance Office for the West Bank and Gaza Strip [English][Arabic].
Palestine Legislative Council [Arabic].
Palestinian Meteorological Department - Ramallah [Arabic].
Palestinian National Council [Arabic].
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations [English].
Public Prosecution [Arabic].
State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau [English][Arabic].
It was established by law according to the provisions of Article (96) of the Palestinian Basic Law. The functions of the Bureau are regulated by Law No. (15) of 2004. The Bureau enjoys independent legal personality and full legal competence in exercising its functions. The jurisdiction of the Bureau include: monitoring the Palestinian Authority's expenditures, revenues, loans, advances and warehouses; implementing policies pertaining to monitoring and inspection for the sake of enhancing transparency and credibility. It is empowered to investigate the causes of deficiencies in performance and production and to identify the shortcomings in financial, administrative and technical systems. The Bureau also examines complaints made by the public and relevant issues raised by the media. It also monitors and reviews decisions pertaining to employees’ affairs, as well as grants, gifts, and contributions offered to government agencies. The head of the Bureau is Mr. Hahmoud Abu-Al-Rob.
United Nations Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People [English][Arabic].
The United Nations Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP), through its cooperation with several donor countries, non-governmental organizations and the Palestinian authority, provides the Palestinian people with services and programs necessary for development. These services and programs strive to assist in the reconstruction process and development of the rural areas, provide and create job opportunities, reduce poverty and promote good governance and human development through education.