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Anti Money Laundering Unit [English].
Anti-Corruption Unit in the Ministry of Interior [English][Arabic].
Anti-corruption Unit is the Public Department for Investigation and Criminal Evidence and at the same time it is a part of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes at the Ministry of Interior. The Anti-corruption Unit specializes in crimes of corruption in general . The director of this unit is Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Joder.
Public Prosecution .
According to the Judicial Authority Law issued by Law Decree No. (42) of 2002, the public prosecution is a genuine branch of the judicial authority. The public prosecution exercises the jurisdiction granted to it by the Law, and is the sole body capable of filing and conducting a criminal lawsuit, except where the law stipulates otherwise. Within the same framework, public prosecution is indivisible as an investigation or an accusation authority. Any member of the public prosecution may replace his colleague and pursue the procedures initiated by the member who was replaced, however the rules of specialization should be observed in such cases. The public prosecution supervises prisons and other detention centers where criminal sentences are carried out. The public prosecutor is Mr. Ali Bin Fadl Al-Bouaynain.