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Central Inspection Bureau [Arabic].
The Central Inspection Department was established at the Prime Minister's office by legislative Decree No. (115) of 1959. The work of this department is regulated by several other implementation decrees the latest of which were Decision No. (21) of 1999 and Decree No. (2147) of 2000. According to the provisions of these decrees, Central Inspection supervises public agencies, departments and municipalities on the basis of annual and exceptional agendas and upon special commissioning. The Department strives to improve administrative methods, provides consultation to administrative authorities on ad hoc basis or upon request. The Department is also responsible for coordinating join tasks among several public departments and carries out studies and investigations demanded by the government. The Department is headed by Mr. George Awwad.
Court of Audit [English][Arabic][French].
The Court of Audit was established by the Public Audit Law of 1951. According to legislative Decree No. (82) of 1983 amended by legislative Decree No. (5) of 1985 and by Law No. 132 of 1992, the Court of Audit is an administrative court in charge of financial judiciary and is administratively attached to the Prime Minister. According to these stipulations, the Court of Audit oversees public money and money deposited in the public treasury through two functions: an administrative function and a judicial function. It exercises the administrative function through advance supervision of budget implementation and through reports about its advance and after hand results, as well as through giving its opinion of financial matters. The judicial function is exercised through supervision of accounts and of whoever is in charge of using or managing public funds and deposited funds in the Treasury. The chairman of the Court of Audit is Mr. Aouni Ramadan.
Special Investigation Commission - Fighting Money Laundering  [English][Arabic].
This Central Bank's Commission investigates suspicious transactions, decides on the seriousness of evidence, and has the exclusive right to lift banking secrecy, thus enabling the competent judicial authorities and the Higher Banking Commission to take the necessary measures. The Special Investigation Commission (SIC) is given special importance that reflects the seriousness that the banking community in Lebanon in particular and the Government in general, place on Lebanon's credibility in the international financial community.