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POGAR > Resources > Morocco > Legal Databases and Documents (Anti-Corruption)

Mandatory Declaration of Assets - Royal Decree No. 1.07.202 on the Implementation of Law No. 54.06 [Arabic][French].
This Mandatory Declaration of Assets refers to elected local councils and trade chambers and certain categories of employees or public officials.
Anti-Money Laundering Law No. 43.05 - Royal Decree No. 28 on the implementation of the Law [Arabic][French].
Central Authority for the Prevention of Bribery: creation - Decree No. 02.05.1228 [Arabic].
Law for the establishment of the national comittee for preventing corruption [Arabic].
United Nations Convention against Corruption: ratification - Royal Decree No. 1.07.58 [Arabic][French].
Internal regulations of the institution of diwan al madhalim [English][Arabic].
Law N° 1-01-298- Setting up the institution of Diwan Al Madhalim [English][Arabic].