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Law on the Syrian Council for Family Affairs, 2003 [Arabic].
Publications Law - Legislative Decree No.50 of 2001 Relating to Printing Materials and Book Stores [Arabic].
Public Elections Law No. 26 of 1997 [Arabic].
Bylaws of the People Council, 1974 and its Ammendments [Arabic].
Adopted June 6, 1974, and its amendments.
Bylaws of the People's Assembly, 1974 [old version] [Arabic].
Adopted June 6, 1974.
Constitution, 1973 [Arabic].
Adopted in March 13, 1973 with all its amendments.
Constitution, 1973 [Arabic].
Approved March 13, 1973.
Public Elections Law, 1973 [old version] [Arabic].
Local Administration Law, 1971 [Arabic].
Local Administration Law promulgated by Legislative Ddecree No. 15 dated May 11, 1971 and amended by Law No. 12 dated June 20, 1971 and its amendments
Associations and Private Institutions Law and its Amendments of 1970 [Arabic].
Nationality Law, 1969 [Arabic].
Legislative Decree No. 276, 1969.
Labor Law No.91 of 1959 [Arabic].
Criminal Procedure Code - Decree No. 112 [Arabic].
Penal Code - Legislative Decree No. 148 [Arabic].
Legislative Texts [Arabic].
The constitution, bylaws, elections laws, and other texts from the Arab Parliamentary Database - The United Nations Development Programme - Programme on Governance in the Arab Region UNDP-POGAR.
Women in Syrian Legislations [Arabic].