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Associations Law, 2008 [Arabic].
Political Parties Law, 2007 [Arabic].
Licensing and Registration of Clubs and Youth Organizations system, 2005 [Arabic].
Issued according to paragraph B of Article 8 of the Supreme Youth Council Law No. 65 of 2001.
The System of Licensing and Monitoring Classified Audiovisual Materials No. 63 of 2004 [Arabic].
Issued according to article 26 and paragraph © of article 32 of Law No. 71/2002 pertaining to audiovisual media.
Provisional Audiovisual Media Law No.71 of 2002 [Arabic].
Law Amending the Printing and Publishing Law No. 30/1999 [Arabic].
Printing Material and Publishing Law No. 8/1998 and its amendments No. 30/1999.
Order of Practicing the Engineering Profession No. 22/1999 [Arabic].
Agricultural Engineers Syndicate Law No. 19 of 1998 [Arabic].
Bylaws of the Press Syndicate No.15 of 1998 [Arabic].
Journalists Syndicate Law No.15 of 1998 [Arabic].
Labor Law and its Amendments No.8 of 1996 [Arabic].
Telecommunications Law No. 13 of 1995 and it is amendments [English][Arabic].
Political Parties Law 1992 [English][Arabic].
Law Number 32, August 23, 1992 was published in the Official Gazette, No. 3851 of 1 September 1992 from King Hussein's Cyber Library.
Political Parties Law, 1992 [old version] [Arabic].
Personal Status Law, 1976 [Arabic].
Bylaws of the Medical Doctors Syndicate, 1972 [Arabic].
Engineers Syndicate Law No.15 of 1972 [Arabic].
Medical Doctors Syndicate Law No. 13 of 1972 [Arabic].
Bylaws of Orderly Lawyers Syndicate No. 880/1966 [Arabic].
Issued in accordance with article 72 of the orderly lawyers law No. 11/1966.
Law of Associations and Social Organizations No. 33 of 1966 [old version] [Arabic].
Nationality Law, 1954 [Arabic].
Family Rights Law No. 92, 1951 [Arabic].