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7th October Misurata University [English].
The 7th October Misurata University has an Engineering School; Pharmacy School; a Sciences school; Economic school; Medical school; a Law school and a Literature school.
Academy of Graduate Studies [Arabic].
The Academy of Graduate Studies was established in 1988. it has school of Human Sciences; Business Administration school; Basic Science school; Engineering school; International and Strategically school; Languages school and Arts and Media school.
Al-Fateh University [French].
Al-Fateh University was established in 1961. it has Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Electronical Engineering; Building Engineering; Petroleum Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Geological Engineering; Aviation Engineering and shipment Engineering.
Al-Tahadi University [Arabic].
Asmarya University [Arabic].
Elmergib University [Arabic].
Garyounis University [English][Arabic].
The Garyounis University was established in 1955. It has Literature school; a Law school; Economics school; Science school; Engineering school; Teaching school and Information Technology school.
National Center for Research and Scientific Studies [English].
The National Center for Research and Scientific Studies was established in 1995. It has Center Section; Publishing Section and Conference and Studies section.
Omar Al-Mukhtar University [Arabic].
Sebha University [French].
The Sebha University was established in 1976. It has School of Science; school of Literature; school of Law; school of Agriculture; school of Dentistry; school of Medicine and school of Teaching.