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Alburaimi College [English].
The Alburaimi College has English Language and Literature department; Business Administration and Accounting department and Information Technology department.
Caledonian College of Engineering [English].
The Caledonian College of Engineering was established in 1995. It has Electronic and Computer Engineering department; Mechanical and Industrial department; Built and Natural Environment department; Mathematics and Science department; IT Support department and Quality Office department.
Dhofar University [English].
The Dhofar University was established in 2004. It has Arts and Applied Sciences College; Commerce and Business Administration College and Engineering College.
Fire Safety Engineering College [English].
The Fire Safety Engineering College has Well Engineering department; Health, Safety and Environmental Management department; Fire Safety Engineering department; Fire Safety Management department and Facilities Management department.
Majan College [English].
The Majan University College was established in 1995. It has English Language faculty; Business Management faculty and Information Technology faculty.
Mazoon College for Management and Applied Sciences [English].
The Mazoon College for Management and Applied Sciences was established in 1999. it an Accounting department; Business Administration department; Computer Science department; Economic department; English department; Computer Sciences and Technology department; Management Information System department and Psychology department.
Middle East College of Information Technology [English].
The Middle East College of Information Technology has Computing Department; Electronics and Communication department; Design Technology department; Business Studies department. It also has Languages Center department; Mathematics and Applied Sciences department and Cultural Studies department.
Modern College of Business and Science [English].
The Modern College of Business and Science was established in 1996. It has Mathematics, Computer Science and Information department; Business Administration department; English Language Center department; General Education and Social Science department.
Muscat College [English].
The Muscat College University was established in 1996. It has Department of Business and Accounting; Department of Computing and Department of Built Environment Engineering.
Oman Medical College [English].
The Oman Medical College was established in 2000. It has Sahar Campus and Bowshar Campus that includes English; IT; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences; Finance and Pharmacy departments. It also has Physiology and Biochemistry; Anatomy and Neuroscience; Pharmacology; Microbiology; Behavioral Sciences and Ethics; Internal Medicine; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Pediatrics and Psychiatry.
Scientific College of Design [English].
The Scientific College of Design was established in 2004. It has Interior Design Bachelor of Science; Interior Design Associate in Applied Sciences; Graphic Design Bachelor of Science; Graphic Design Bachelor Associate in Applied Science and Fine Arts Bachelor of Arts.
Sohar University [English].
The Sohar University was established in 2001. It has an Engineering faculty; an Applied Statistics faculties; Business faculties and Humanities and Social Sciences.
Sultan Qaboos University [English].
The Sultan Qaboos University has an Agriculture college; an Arts college; Commerce and Economics college; Education college; Engineering College; Medicine college and Sciences college.
Sur University College [English].
The Sur University College was established in 1994. It has department of Information Systems and Technology, a Commerce department and a Foundation department that will Include English; Mathematics and IT.
University of Nizwa [English].
The University of Nizwa was established in 2004. It has an Arts and Sciences college; Economics, Administration and Information System College; a Nursing and Pharmacy college and Engineering and Architecture college.
Waljat College for Applied Science [English].
The Waljat College for Applied Science has a Management department; an Electronics Engineering department; an Engineering department; a Physics department; a Computer Sciences Engineering department; a biotechnology department; a Medical Engineering department and an English department.