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Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology [English].
The Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology was established in 1996. .it has Medicine; Medicine; Pharmacy; Medical Lab; Nursing faculties. It also has Biomedical Engineering; Computer Science; Administrative Sciences and Anesthesia faculties.
Ahfad University for Women [English].
The Ahfad University for Women founded in 1966. it has Health and Sciences school; Psychology and Pre-School Education school; Management Studies school; Rural Extensions, Education and Development school; Medicine school; Pharmacy school; Human Nutrition school and Gender and Development school.
Akobo County Memorial University .
Al-Fashir University [English].
Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University [English][Arabic].
The Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University has Laboratory Medical Sciences; Applied Technical Sciences; Public Health and Medical faculties. It also has Political Science; Technical and Development Studies; Economy and Sciences; Shari’a; Sciences; Engineering; Civil Education and Agriculture faculties.
Bahr-al-Ghazal-University .
Bakhet El-Rudda University .
Bayan College for Science & Technology [English][Arabic].
The Bayan College for Science & Technology has an Electronic Engineering department; Computer Science department; Information System department; Information technology department; Academic Affairs department; Administration Affairs department.
Blue Nile University [English].
Canadian College – Sudan [English].
The Canadian College – Sudan was established in 2002. It has Computer Information Systems program and Business Administration programs.
Computer College [English].
The Computer College was established in 1991. It has Computer Engineering program; Computer Science Program; Information Technology Program; Architecture and Interior Design Engineering Program and Telecommunication Engineering Program.
Dongola University [English].
El-Dalang University [English].
El-Gadarif University .
El-Imam El-Mahdi University [Arabic].
El-Neelain University [Arabic].
The El-Neelain University was established in 1993. It has Literature; Optical; Agriculture and Fish Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences; Higher Education; Nile Studies and Law schools. It also has Commerce Studies; Technological Sciences; Statistics and Mathematics; Engineering; Medicine; Lab and Civil Education.
International University of Africa [English][Arabic].
The International University of Africa was established in 1968. It has Shari’ and Islamic Studies; Education; Pure Applied Science; Computer Studies; Medicine and Health Sciences; Economics, Administration and Political Sciences; Engineering and Arts faculties. It also has Institute for Arabic Languages; Center for Research and African Studies; Center of Dawa and Community Development; Disaster Management and Psychological Studies and Center for Women Studies.
Leer Metropolitan University .
Mayom Agriculture & Mechanical University .
National Ribat University [Arabic].
The National Ribat University has Computer Studies; Economics and Business Administration; Languages and Translation; Environment Studies; Medicine; Law and Police; Dentistry and Medicine; Pharmacy; Laboratory Sciences; Nuclear Medicine and Nursing schools. It also has Criminal Research Center; Criminal and Sociological Research Center; Media and Training Center and Police High Academics.
Nile Valley University [English][Arabic].
The Nile Valley University was established in 1990. it has Engineering and Techniques school; Medicine school; Commerce and Business Administration school; Agriculture school; Civil Education school; Law and Shari ‘a school; Islamic and Arabic Sciences school; Teaching school; Sciences school and Social Development.
Nyala University [English][Arabic].
Omdurman Ahlia University .
Omdurman Islamic University [Arabic].
The Omdurman Islamic University was established in 1991. It has Applied school; Methodology school; Higher Education school; Social Development school and Human Development school.
Red Sea University .
Shendi University [English][Arabic].
Sinar University [English].
Sudan Academy of Sciences [English][Arabic].
The Sudan Academy of Sciences was established in 2004. It has Animal Research; Nuclear Power research; Power and World Sciences research; International Affairs and Diplomacy studies departments. It also has Agriculture and New Strategies research; Engineering and New Strategies research; Economics and Social research; Communication and Information research and Social Development departments.
Sudan University for Science and Technology [English][Arabic].
The Sudan University for Science and Technology was established in 1932. It has Graduate Studies; Engineering; Technology; Business Studies and Agriculture Studies; Education; Science; Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production colleges. It also has Fine and Applied Arts; Computer Science and Information Technology; Languages; Medical Laboratory Sciences; Music and Drama; Forestry and Range Sciences; Medical Radiology Sciences; Physical Education and Sport; Water and Environmental Engineering; Petroleum Engineering and Technology and Communication Sciences colleges.
University of Gezira [English].
The University of Gezira was established in 1975. It has Agriculture Studies; Pharmacy; Civil Education; Animal Production; Medicine Mathematics and Computer schools. It also has Engineering and Technology; Economics; Rural Production; Laboratories; Agriculture and Animal Production; Medical Sciences and Applied Medical Sciences school.
University of Holy Quran and Holy Sciences [English][Arabic].
University of Juba [English].
The University of Juba was established in 1965. It has Senate Affairs department; Training department; Examination department; Admission and Registration department and Statistics and Information department.
University of Khartoum [English][Arabic].
The University of Khartoum was established in 1902. It has Humanities and Social Sciences school; Science Engineering school; Medical and Health Sciences school; Natural Resources Sciences school and Educational Sciences school.
University of Kordofan [Arabic].
The University of Kordofan has Natural Resources and Environmental Studies; Commercial Studies and Business Administration; Medicine and Health Sciences; Education; Engineering and Technical Studies and Science and Humanities faculties. It also has Deanship for Research and Postgraduate Training; Institute of Accounting, Banking and Information System and Center of Intermediate Technology in Agriculture.
University of Zalengei [English].
Western Upper Nile University .