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Al-Baath University [Arabic].
Arab European University [English][Arabic][French].
The Arab European University has Pharmacy School; Informatics Engineering school; Business Administration school; Architecture school; Fine Arts school and Civil Education school.
Damascus University [English][Arabic][French].
The Damascus University was established in 1923. It has Fine Arts; Agriculture; Civil E4ngineering; Architecture; MME; Dentistry and Information faculties; it also has Human Arts; Economic; Education; Law; Islamic; Pharmacy; Medicine and Sciences.
French Institute of the Middle East [English][Arabic][French].
The French Institute of The Middle East (Institut Francais du Proche Orient) was established in 2003. It has Research Center.
International University for Science & Technology [English][Arabic].
The International University for Science & Technology has Business and Finance college; Information Technology college; Engineering and Technology college; Dentistry college; Pharmacy college and Arts and Sciences college.
Ittihad Private University [Arabic].
The Ittihad Private University was established in 2003. It has Computer Engineering school; Business Administration school; Engineering school and Agriculture school.
Ma’moun Private University for Science and Technology [Arabic].
The Ma’moun Private University for Science and Technology has Engineering Technology school; Languages and Human Sciences school and Administrative Financial Sciences school.
Superior Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology Damascus [Arabic].
The Superior Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology Damascus (Institut Superieur des Sciences Appliquees et de Technology Damascus) was established in 1983. It has Electro Mechanical department; Communication department; Mathematic department; Information department; Physics department and Engineering department.
Syrian Virtual University [English][Arabic][French].
The Syrian Virtual University was established in 2002. It has Preparatory Year (English) program; Higher National Diploma in Computing and Business and Application program; Bachelor in Information Technology program and BS in Information Systems Engineering.
Tishreen University [English][Arabic].
The Tishreen University was established in 1971. it has Arts and Humanities faculty; Agriculture faculty; Sciences faculty; Civil Engineering faculty; Medicine faculty; Mechanical and Electrical Engineering faculty; Dentistry faculty; Architecture faculty; Economics faculty; Pharmacology faculty; Nursing faculty; Physical Education faculty and Education faculty.
University of Aleppo [English][Arabic].
The University of Aleppo was established in 1958. It has Pharmacy; Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Agriculture Engineering; Medicine and Engineering schools. It also has Sciences; Agriculture; Dentistry; Computer Engineering; Civil Education; Law; Literature and Human Sciences and Economics schools.
University of Kalamoon [English][Arabic].
The University of Kalamoon was established in 2001. It has Medicine school; Dentistry school; Pharmacy school; Medical Services school; Applied Sciences school; Engineering school; Applied Arts school; Business Administration school and International Affairs and Diplomacy school
WGSU - Wadi German Syrian University [English][Arabic].
The Wadi German Syrian University founded in 2005. It has Engineering faculty; Management and Economics faculty and Language department.