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Al-Ahgaff University [English][Arabic].
The Al-Ahgaff University was established in 1995. It has Shari’a school; Engineering and Mathematics school; Business Administration school; Girl Civil Education school and Medicine and Medical Health school.
Al-Eman University [Arabic].
The Al-Eman University was established in 1993. It has Faith school; Shari’a school; Media school and Human Sciences school. It also has Postgraduate program
Hadramout University of Science and Technology [English][Arabic].
The Hadramout University of Science and Technology has Medicine and Health Sciences; Engineering and Petrol; Nursing; Environmental Sciences and Sea Studies schools. It also has Business Administration; Civil Education; Literature; Sciences; Girls and Applied Sciences Schools.
Hodeidah University [English][Arabic].
The Hodeidah University was established in 1996.It has Business school; Shari’a school; Civil Education school; Computer school; Literature school; Arts school; Sea Studies school; Physical Education school and Dentistry school.
National University [Arabic].
The National University was established in 1994. It has Medicine and Medical Sciences school; Sciences and Engineering school; Administrative sciences school; Law and Shari’a school and Taaz for Applied Science school.
Queen Arwa University [Arabic].
The Queen Arwa University was established in 1996. It has Humanities and Social Sciences college; Commercial Sciences and Administration college; Engineering college; Sciences college; Higher Education college; Art college; Law college and Microbiology college.
Saba University [Arabic].
The Saba University was established in 1994. It has Engineering school; Computer and Information Technology school; Commerce and Administration school; Literature and Civil Education school; Law school and Higher Studies school.
Sanaa Community College [Arabic].
Sana'a University [Arabic].
The Sana'a University was established in 1971. It has Medicine; Dentistry; Sciences; Law and Shari’a; Literature; Languages and Civil Education schools. It also has Engineering; Pharmacy; Agriculture; Commerce and Economics and Media schools.
University of Aden [Arabic].
The University of Aden was established in 1975. It has Civi8l Education; Engineering; Economics; Law; Literature and Medicine schools. It also has Agriculture Sciences; Administrative Sciences and Petroleum and Metal schools.
University of Science and Technology Sana'a [English][Arabic].
The University of Science and Technology Sana'a has Medicine school; Sciences and Engineering school; International school and Administrative and Human Sciences.
Yemen Language Center [English].
The Yemen Language Center was founded in 1989. It offers languages Courses.