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Ahlulbait University [English].
The Ahlulbait University was established in 2000. It has a school of Divinity; a school of Political Science; a school of Law. It also has a school of Management; a school of Economics and a school of Training Sciences.
Al Qadisiyah University [Arabic].
Al-Hikma University .
Al-Ma’moun University College [Arabic].
The Al-Ma’moun University College was established in 1987. It has department of Engineering; department; Electronic Engineering and Accounting Sciences department. It also has History department; Geography department; English and Translation department and Law department.
Al-Mansour University College [English][Arabic].
The Al-Mansour University College was established in 1988. It has Computer Communications Engineering department; Software Engineering; Business Administration department. It also has Computer Science and Information System department; Commercial and Banking Science department and Law department.
Baghdad University [English][Arabic].
The Baghdad University was established in 1956. It has Engineering; Sciences; Political Science; Civil and Physical Education; Medicine; Dentistry; Pharmacy and Nursing schools. It also has Literature; Languages; Media; Islamic Studies; Fine Arts; Law and Business and Economics schools.
College of Medicine, Basrah University [English].
The College of Medicine, Basrah University was established in 1967. It has Anatomy department; a Pathology department; Microbiology department; Biochemistry department; Physiology department; Pharmacology department; Community Medicine department. It also has Medicine; Gynecology; Pediatrics and Surgery departments.
Diyala University [Arabic].
The Diyala University was established in 1997. It has a school of Basic Education; school of Education and school of Physical Education. It also has School of Medicine; School of Sciences; school of Engineering; school of Law and a school of Agriculture.
International Colleges of Islamic Sciences [English][Arabic].
The International Colleges of Islamic Sciences was established in 1989. It has Faculty of Islamic Law; faculty of International and Cooperative Law and a faculty of Arabic Studies.
Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics [Arabic].
The Technical Education Institute was established in 1972. It has a PHD in philosophical Sciences of Accounting; it also has MA in Accounting; Networks of Accounting and Informatics. It also has BA in Accounting; Education; Science of Business and Computer Engineering.
Kerbala University [Arabic].
The Kerbala University was established in 2002. It has College of Education, College of Administration and Economics, College of Law and Science, College of Medicine, College of Agriculture, College of Pharmacy and College of Engineering.
Koya University [English].
The Koya University was established in 2003. It has Colleges of Agriculture; of Education; and of Engineering and Technology. It also has a Linguistic; Law; Science; Social Sciences and Sport colleges.
Kufa University [Arabic].
The Kufa University was established in 1992. It has Al-Fqh school; Medicine school; Dentistry school; Pharmacology school and Nursing school. It also has Science school; Agriculture school; Education school for Girls; Arts school; Law school and Administration and Economics school.
Mustansiriya University [Arabic].
Nizamiyya University [English][Arabic].
Parand Islamic Azad University .
Salahaddin University [English].
The Salahaddin University was established in 1968. It has Agriculture; Basic Education; Engineering; Fine Arts; Political Science and Law and Languages colleges. It also has Science; Science and Education; Administration and Economy; Arts; Education for Scientific Humanities; Physical Education and Shari’a and Islamic Study colleges.
University of Babylon [English][Arabic].
The University of Babylon has a Medicine school; Dentistry school; Engineering school; Law school and Science school. It also has an Education school; Physical Education school; Basic Education school; Agriculture school; Fine Arts school; Business and Economics school; Nursing school and Veterinary school.
University of Baghdad  [English].
University of Basrah [English].
The University of Basrah was established in 1964. It has Literature; Science; Engineering; Medicine; Agriculture and Education colleges. It also has Management and Economics; Athletic Education; Law; Fine Arts; Pharmacology and Veterinary Medicine colleges.
University of Dohuk [English].
The University of Dohuk was established in 1992. It has Administration and Economics College; Agriculture college; Arts college; Basic Education college; Education college; Engineering college; Law and Politics college; Medicine college; Physical Education college; Science college and Veterinary Medicine college.
University of Iraq [English][Arabic].
The University of Iraq was established in 2005. It has Computer Engineering department; Communication Engineering department; Politics, Accountancy and Management department.
University of Kurdistan Hawler [English].
The University of Kurdistan Hawler was established in 2006. It offers degrees in Economics and Finance, in Management and Business Studies, in Politics and International Relations, in Sociology and Social Policy, in Modern History and Information Technology.
University of Mosul, College of Medicine [English].
The University of Mosul, College of Medicine was established in 1959. It has Departments of Medicine; of Surgery; of Gynecology and Obstetrics; of Pediatrics; of Radiology; of Pathology, and Forensic Medicine; it also has Departments of Community Medicine; of Microbiology; of Pharmacology; of Biochemistry; of Anatomy and Medical biology; of Physiology and Medical Physics.
University of Mousel [Arabic].
The University of Mousel was established in 1959. It has a Medicine; Pharmacy; Dentistry; Female Education; Economics and Islamic Sciences faculties. It also has a Literature; Agriculture; Education; Physical Education; Fine Arts; Political Sciences faculties.
University of Sulaimani .
The University of Sulaimani was established in 1968. It has Medicine college; Agriculture college; Sciences college; Language college and Engineering college.
University of Thi-Qar [Arabic].
The University of Thi-Qar was established in 1993. It has Medicine school; Engineering school; Science School; Law school; Literature school; Education school; and Agriculture school.
University of Wassit [Arabic].
The University of Wassit was established in 2003. It has school of Education; school of Business Administration; school of Science; school of Literature; school of Medicine; school of Law and school of Engineering.