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American university of Kuwait [English].
The American university of Kuwait is a private one. It has Business Administration Management; Humanities and Social Sciences; Computer Science and Information Systems and Pre-Intensive English Program.
Arab Open University [English].
The Arab Open University was established in 2001. It has Language Studies faculty; Computer Studies faculty; Business Administration Faculty; General Studies faculty and Academic Program of Education faculty.
Australian College of Kuwait [English].
The Australian College of Kuwait was established in 2000. It has Foundation program; Maritime Diploma program; Engineering Diploma program and Management Diploma program.
Gulf University for Science and Technology [English].
The Gulf University for Science and Technology was established in 2002. It has Computer Science; English Language Unit; English; General Education and Mathematics and National Sciences departments. It also has Accounting; Economic and Finance; Management and Marketing; MIS and Multimedia departments.
Kuwait Maastricht Business School [English].
The Kuwait Maastricht Business School was established in 2003. It has MBA Program and a Pre-MBA Program.
Kuwait University [English].
The Kuwait University was established in 1966. It has Graduate Studies; Law; Science; Medicine; Engineering and Petroleum; Allied Health Science colleges. It also has Education; Sharia’a and Islamic Studies; Business Administration; Pharmacy; Dentistry; Social Studies and Women colleges.
Weston Reserve University [English].
The Weston Reserve University was established in 2003. It has school of Administration and Management; school of Arts and Social Sciences; School of Education and Religion and school of Natural Health and Sciences.