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Independent National Elections Commission [Arabic][French].
National Assembly [Arabic][French].
National Office of Statistics [French].
Official Website of the Republic of Mauritania [English][Arabic][French].
This is the official website for the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
Permanent Mission of Mauritania to the United Nations [English][Arabic][French].
Presidency Home Page [Arabic][French].
Prime Minister [Arabic][French].
State General inspection [Arabic].
State Public Inspection was established by Decree No. (122) of 2005 as a supervisory body subordinate to the Prime Minister. It supervises the organization and financial and auditing management of all public agencies; companies financed by public capital and private corporations that benefit from financial government support. The State Inspection also conducts monitoring, auditing and investigation that aim at enhancing good governance, improving the performance of public administration, combating bribery, evaluating public policies and programs and audits public accounts. The head of the State General Inspection is Mr. Sidi Weld Ahmad Deyeh.