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Al Aqsa University [Arabic].
Al Azhar University of Gaza [English].
The Al Azhar University of Gaza was established in 1991. It has school of Medicine; School of Pharmacy; Applied Medical Science School; Agriculture and Environmental Sciences School; Economic and Administrative Sciences School; Civil Education School; Literature and Political Sciences school and a Law school.
Al Quds Open University [English][Arabic].
The Al Quds Open University was established in 1985. It has Technological and Applied Sciences program; Agriculture program; Economics and Business Administration program; Civil Education program and Social development program.
Al Quds University - The Arab University in Jerusalem [English].
The Al Quds University - The Arab University in Jerusalem was established in 1984. It has Administration and Economic Sciences faculty; Arts faculty; Dentistry faculty; Engineering faculty; Islamic Studies faculty; Health professions faculty; Medicine faculty; Pharmacy faculty; Public Health faculty and Science and Technology faculty.
An Najah National University [English][Arabic].
The An Najah National University was established in 1918. It has Human Medicine faculty; Veterinary Medicine faculty; Pharmacy faculty; Nursing faculty; Engineering faculty; Science faculty; Information Technology faculty; Agriculture faculty and Optometry faculty.
Arab American University - Jenin [English].
The Arab American University – Jenin was founded in 1996. It has Administrative and Financial Sciences faculty; Allied Medical Sciences faculty; Dentistry faculty; Information Technology faculty; Arts and Sciences faculty and Law faculty.
Bethlehem University [English].
The Bethlehem University was established in 1973. It has Art faculty; Business Administration faculty; Education faculty; Nursing faculty and Science faculty. It also has an Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism.
Birzeit University - Institute of Law [English][Arabic].
The IOL Institute was established in 1993 with the mandate to contribute to the evolution of legal structures and the rule of law in Palestine. IOL is currently involved in legal education, practical legal research, a Master of Laws Program and the establishment of a complete and modern legal information, documentation center and a comprehensive Palestinian law library. IOL publishes the Palestinian Official Gazette online on its Arabic web site.
Birzeit University Palestine [English].
The Birzeit University Palestine was established in 1924. It has an Arts faculty; Science faculty; Engineering faculty; Information Technology faculty; Commerce and Economics faculty and Law and Public Administration faculty.
Hebron University [English][Arabic].
The Hebron University was established in 1971. It has Al Shari’a faculty; Arts faculty; Education faculty; Science and Technology faculty; Agriculture faculty; Finance and Management faculty; Nursing faculty and Graduate Studies faculty.
Ibrahimieh Community College [Arabic].
Islamic University of Gaza [English][Arabic].
The Islamic University of Gaza has a Medicine school; Engineering school; Information Technology school; Nursing school; Science school; Business school; Civil Education school; Literature school; Shari’a and Law school and Basic Religious school.
Palestine International University [Arabic].
Palestine Polytechnic University [English].
The Palestine Polytechnic University was established in 1978. It has Engineering and Technology college; Administrative Science and Informatics college; Applied Science college and Applied Professions college.
Palestine Technical College - Deir El-Balah [Arabic].
The Palestine Technical College - Dier Elbalah was established in 1992. It has Engineering program; Computer program; Business Administration and Financial program; Applied Arts program and Hotel Management program.
The Biblical and Archeological French School of Jerusalem [French].
The Biblical and Archeological French School of Jerusalem (Ecole Bibliques et Archeologiques Francaise du Jerusalem) was founded in 1890. It has Biblical school and Archeological school.