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Saudi Arabia - National Millennium Development Goals Report 2005 [English][Arabic].
This report is the second national Saudi Arabian MDG report. It charts progress made by the Kingdom towards achieving the MDGs through first,the development of an information and legislative environment conducive to achieving the MDGs, and second, through the integration of the MDGs into sustainable development plans, the Eighth Development Plan in particular. Finally, the report outlines the persistent efforts to achieve, even surpass, the MDGs ahead of schedule.
Saudi Arabia - Human Development Report 2003 [English].
The report discusses the health and education services of Saudi Arabia drawing attention to important achievements in the kingdom’s human development programs and explores the consequences of Saudi Arabia’s rapid population growth, which in turn necessitates wider distribution of development benefits, increased education and health services, and greater employment.
Saudi Arabia - National Millennium Development Goals Report 2002 [English][Arabic].