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Djillali Liabes University [French].
The University of Djillali Liabes has six faculties: the faculty of Engineering; the faculty of Medicine; the faculty of Commercial Sciences. It also has a faculty of Sciences; a faculty of law and a faculty of Human Sciences.
Mentouri University [Arabic][French].
National School for Administration [English].
The National School for Administration was established in 1964. It has Administration department; Health Administration department and Finance and Economics department.
National School of Techniques [English].
The National School of Techniques was established in 1925. It has a department of Fundamental Sciences; a department of Electronics; a Hydraulics department and Languages departments. It also has departments for Civil, Electronic, Industrial Mechanic, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering.
Oran University [French].
The Oran University was established in 1961. It has Literature; Languages; Arts and Arab Languages faculties. It also has Languages; Literature and African Civilization Laboratory.
University of Algeria - Benyoucef Benkhedda [English][Arabic].
The University of Algiers was established in 1909. It has a school of Medical Science, a school of letters; Arabic language, Arabic literature, and of Shari’ a. It also has a Law school and a science school which includes the fields of geology, chemistry and botany.
University of Batna [English].
The University of Batna was established in 1977. It has a faculty of Sciences; faculty of Engineering; faculty of Law and Faculty of Economic. It also has faculty of Social Sciences and Islamic Sciences as well as a faculty of Medicine and faculty of Human Sciences and letters.
University of Blida [French].
The University of Blida was established in 1981. It has Architecture program; Town/ Urban program; Urban Studies program.
University of Constantine [English].
University of Mostaganem [French].
The University of Mostaganem has only a faculty of Science and department of Biology.
University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediène [French].
The University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediène was established in 1974. It has Biological Sciences faculty; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering faculty; Physics faculty; Mathematics faculty; and Chemistry faculty.