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Ministry of Commerce and Handicrafts [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Communication Technologies [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Culture and Heritage Conservation [French].
Ministry of Education and Training [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Employment and Professional Insertion of Youth [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development [French].
Ministry of Finance [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology [French].
Ministry of Industry [French].
Ministry of Interior and Local Development [French].
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights [Arabic][French].
The work of this Ministry is regulated by Order No. (1062) of 1974. According to this Order, the Ministry designs and implements judicial policy, prepares draft texts concerns judicial work and gives its opinion on all draft laws and organizational arrangements of other Ministries. It also prepares legal drafts for international agreements; organizes public judicial interests; supervises all agencies under its jurisdiction, as well as the work of judges and judicial assistants. The Legal and Judicial Studies Center was established by Law No. (3) of 1993 as a public institution which enjoys legal status and financial independence. The Center is supervised by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. It carries studies for improving national legislation and achieves their compatibility with international conventions. The Minister of Justice is Mr. Al-Azhar Bou Auni.
Ministry of Religious Affairs [English][Arabic][French].
Ministry of Social Affairs and Solidarity and Tunisians Abroad [Arabic][French].
Ministry of Women, Family, Children and Older Persons Affairs [Arabic].