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The National Fact-Finding Committee on Corruption and Malversation - Decree No. 7/2011 of the Interim President. [Arabic].
Bylaws of the House of Representatives, 2004 [Arabic].
With updates as of July 22, 1999.
Constitution, 2002 [Arabic][French].
This is the text of the Tunisian constitution, as amended by the May 26 2002 Constitutional Referendum.
Political Parties Law [Arabic][French].
Nationality Code, 1963 [French].
This is the text of the Tunisian Nationality Code of 1963, amended in 1984.
Electoral Law of 1969 and its Amendments [Arabic].
Bylaws of the House of Representatives, 1959 [old version] [Arabic].
Adopted November 19, 1959.
Constitution of 1959 [old version] [English][Arabic][French].
This Constitution has been amended several times, most recently in a constitutional referendum on May 26, 2002. For the current version In English: https://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/cafrad/unpan004842.pdf In French: https://www.tunisieinfo.com/references/constitution/constitution-fr.pdf
Code of Personal Status, 1956 [French].
The text of law, promulgated on August 13, 1956 and published in Tunisia's Official Journal (JOT) No. 104 December 28, 1956 with reference to the updated articles.
Constitution, 1956 [old version] [Arabic].
Adopted June 1, 1956.
Constitutions and Amendments [Arabic].
As of 1959 up to the present.
Higher Commission for Public Markets [Arabic][French].
House of Representatives - Legal Database [Arabic].
Tunisian laws issued since 1960. The database provides access through keywords and free text search to the title, number and text of the laws and their publication dates.
Jurisite Tunisie [French].
Jurisite Tunisie is a private Tunisian web portal specialized in Tunisian law.
Legal Database since 1960 [Arabic].
Legislative Texts [Arabic].
The constitution, bylaws, elections laws, and other texts from the Arab Parliamentary Database - The United Nations Development Programme - Programme on Governance in the Arab Region UNDP-POGAR.
Right of Association [English].
Chapter 4 of the declaration of human rights of November 7, 1987 covers the rights of association.