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Women National Committee [English][Arabic].
The Women National Committee in Yemen is a technical committee affiliated with the Council of Ministers, proposes policies and programs related to women affairs as well as circulates gender legislation and rights amongst women in order to raise awareness.
Central Bureau of Statistics [English][Arabic].
Central Organization for Control and Auditing [English][Arabic].
This Agency was established by Law No. (45) of 1974 passed in Sana’a and its counterpart by Law No. (11) of 1972 passed in Eden. The two laws stipulated that this Agency is an independent Supreme Supervisory Agency of artificial (or legal) personality. Follow Yemen’s unification in 1990, the two agencies were integrated in one entity by Law No. (39) of 1992, Executive Regulation No. (2) of 1993, and a set of regulations that organize and manage the Agency’s work. The combined Agency was directly attached to the Yemeni President. According to these stipulations, the Agency monitors the revenues and expenditures of all government agencies; reviews, assesses and oversees all financial and economic plans of the State and private economic corporations that comes under its jurisdiction. The Agency is also entrusted with legal monitoring of all decisions made by agencies under its jurisdiction in the area of financial violations. The head of the Agency is Mr. Abdullah Abdullah AL SANAFI.
Central Statistics Department [English][Arabic].
Consultative Council [Arabic].
Governorate of the Green Banner (Liwa' al-Akhdar) [Arabic].
High Authority forTender Control [English][Arabic].
HATC was established by law no 23 of 2007, it is in charge of policy oversight and a monitoring body over public procurement to reduce resource leakage. It Recommends regulatory action to the Council of Ministers, receives, examines and render decisions regarding the complaints and grievances of tender offerors.
House of Representatives [English][Arabic].
National Information Center [English][Arabic][French].
The National Information Center aims to establish, develop, and manage integrated national system for Information, connect Information Centers in many sectors and coordinate between them through a National Network.
Permanent Mission of Yemen to the United Nations [English].
Public Prosecution Office Website [Arabic].
The Office specializes in the revision of injustices submitted to the Attorney General, the examination of important issues, the revision of decisions and verdicts, and the study and set-up of recommendations for the reform of existing laws.
Public Prosecutor [Arabic].
Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum [English][Arabic].
The Commission was originally formed according to the provisions of the General Election Law No. 41 of 1992 to prepare, supervise and organize the general elections.
Supreme National Authority For Combating Corruption [Arabic].
This Authority was established by Law No. (39) of 2006. It is an independent authority that enjoys legal personality as well as financial and administrative independence. The Authority sets and implements public policies directed at combating corruption. It also assumes the task of preparing a comprehensive national strategy for combating corruption, and implementing measures for involving local communities and civil society organizations in this effort. The Authority examines and assesses legislation pertaining to combating corruption and progress draft amendments of this legislation. It also receives reports proclamations and complaints with regard to corruption crimes, examines them, interrogate those involved and refer them to judicial authority. It also coordinates anti-corruption efforts between State agencies and civil society organizations. It also cooperates with States and international, regional and Arab organizations concerned with combating corruption. Moreover, this Authority participates in international programs for corruption prevention. The head of the Authority is Mr. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Ansi.
Women National Committee - Yemen [English].
Website of the Women National Committee which is a committee of the Government of Yemen operating under the Supreme Council of Women Affairs. The committee proposes policies, strategies, programmes and plans relating to women's affairs. It also assesses the performance standard of gender legislation and laws in various national bodies.