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Information Law: draft [Arabic].
Anti-Corruption Law - No. 39 [English][Arabic].
Amendment of the Press and Printed Material Law No.25 of 1990 [Arabic].
Press and Printed Material Draft Law of 2005 [Arabic].
Anti-Money Laundering - Law No. 35 [Arabic].
Children's Rights Law [Arabic].
General Elections and Referendum Law No. 13 of 2001 [English][Arabic].
General Elections and Referendum Law No. 13 of 2001 [Arabic].
General Elections and Referendum Law No. 13 of 2001 [English][Arabic].
Constitution - Project amendments, 2000 [English].
Proposed constitutional amendments, proposed August 2000, and later approved in a referendum on February 24, 2001.
Law of Local Government, 2000 [Arabic].
From the National Information Center.
Millitary Criminal and Penal Law [Arabic].
Law on Juvenile Care and its Amendments [Arabic].
Tenders, Auctions and Government Storehouses - Law No. 3 [Arabic].
Law on Criminal Millitary Procedures [Arabic].
Labor Law No.5 of 1995 [Arabic].
Constitution, 1994 [old version] [English][Arabic].
Adopted October 1, 1994,
Contraventions General Verdicts Law [Arabic].
Crimes and Penalties Law - Decree Law No. 12 and amendments [Arabic].
Criminal and Penal Law [Arabic].
Criminal Procedure Code - Presidential Decree-Law No. 13 [Arabic].
Criminal Procedures Law [Arabic].
Law on Drug Trafficking and Illegal Use of Drugs and Mental Influences [Arabic].
Central Organization for Control and Accounting - Presidential Decree-Law No. 39 [Arabic].
Law No. (31), 1992 regarding the System of Chartered Accountants [Arabic].
Civil Service Law - No. 19 [Arabic].
Judiciary Status [Arabic].
Parties and Political Organizations Law - Law no.(66) of 1991 [English][Arabic].
Prison Organization Law [Arabic].
Law No. 25 (1990) on the Press and Publications [English][Arabic].
Nationality Code, 1990 [Arabic].
Nationality Code of 1990, amended in 2003 by law no.24
Bylaws of the House of Representatives, 1977 [old version] [Arabic].
Adopted November 8, 1977.
Executive Regulations of Law No. (23) for the Year 2007 Concerning Tenders, Auctions and Government Storehouses - Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 53 [English][Arabic].
Legislative Texts [Arabic].
The constitution, bylaws, elections laws, and other texts from the Arab Parliamentary Database - The United Nations Development Programme - Programme on Governance in the Arab Region UNDP-POGAR.
Yemeni Election System [English].
A comprehensive coverage of the electoral system and related issues and legal documents from Yemen's National Information Center.