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Transparency and Integrity Committee - Ministry of State for Administrative Development [Arabic].
The Transparency and Integrity Committee was formed by decree , No. 86 of 2007 issued by the Minister of State for Administrative Development based on the recommendations of the Council of Ministers. The Committee submits proposals to the Ministry with regard to formulating a national strategy for combating corruption and legislative and institutional reforms. it sets national indicators and criteria for measuring corruption and monitors administrative corruption and proposes mechanisms for closing administrative loopholes.
Administrative Control Agency [Arabic].
The Administrative Control Agency was established in 1958 as a monitoring department attached to Administrative Prosecution. It became an independent body by Law No. (54) of 1964. In 1980 its activity was suspended. Then in 1982 it was restructured and resumed its work as an independent body attached to the prime minister. Its functions include: follow up on implementation of laws; detect administrative, financial and technical violations committed by employees; detect crimes committed by non-employees against sound performance of public service; examines complaints by citizens concerning violation of laws by public employees or carelessness in performing their duties. The head of the Agency is Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Farid Al-Tohami.
Advisory Council [English][Arabic].
Central Accounts Agency [Arabic].
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics [English][Arabic].
CAPMAS is the official source for provision of data , statistics , and reports to assist all the state agencies and authorities, universities, research centers, and international organizations in planning, developing, assessing, and making policies and decisions.
Central Auditing Agency [Arabic].
This Agency was established by Law No. (144) of 1988 as an independent body that enjoys a public legal personality which is attached to the President. The main function of the Agency is monitoring State funds and funds of other public persons. The Agency practices financial monitoring over the administrative units of the State from an accounting side and a legal side. It also monitors local government units, public bodies, political parties and trade unions. The Agency assesses performance through supervision over the use of public funds based on economic efficiency and effectiveness. The Agency is entrusted with legal supervision of decisions related to financial violations. The Agency is headed by Mr. Jawdat Al-Malat.
Egypt E-Government Services Portal [English][Arabic].
Egypt State Information Service [English][Arabic][French].
Egypt's Information Portal [English].
Egypt’s Information Portal is the website of the Information and Decision Support Center which aims at accelerating the rate of social and economic development in Egypt through conducting developmental studies and economic analysis.
Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector - Egypt’s National Focal Point [English][Arabic].
Governorate of [muhafazat] Aswan [Arabic].
Governorate of [muhafazat] Beheira [Arabic].
Governorate of [muhafazat] Fayyoum [English][Arabic].
Governorate of [muhafazat] Matrouh [Arabic].
Governorate of [muhafazat] the Red Sea [English][Arabic].
Information Portal [English][Arabic].
National Center for Judicial Studies [Arabic].
Ministry of Justice, Egypt.
National Council for Childhood and Motherhood [English].
Thel Council was established in 1988 through Presidential Decree No. 54 as the highest government authority entrusted with policy-making, planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of activities in the areas of protection and development of children. The jurisdiction of the NCCM extends to all government bodies, including the Ministry of Justice, and NGOs on both the national and local levels. The decree establishing the NCCM stipulates that its declarations are mandatory, that is NCCM decisions are final and binding for all ministries.
National Council for Human Rights [Arabic].
The National Council of Human Rights is independent in practicing its functions, activities and jurisdiction. It aims at promoting and developing human rights, consolidating their values, spreading awareness of these rights and ensuring their practice.
NGO Service Center [English][Arabic].
A developmental activity aiming to increase the participation of citizens and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in development. The Center is sponsored by the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs (MISA) in Egypt and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
North Cairo Court  [Arabic].
People's Assembly [English][Arabic][French].
Presidency Site [English].
Social Fund for Development [English][Arabic].
The SFD Fund was established in 1991 by Presidential Decree No. 40 and has since been designed as a social safety net associated with the government of Egypt's agreement to undertake extensive Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program.
Transparency and Integrity Comittee - Ministry of State for Administrative Developement [Arabic].
The Ministry of State for Administrative Development in Egypt had established by Ministerial Law No. (86) of 2007 a permanent internal committee chaired by the Minister and called Transparency and Integrity Committee. The Committee Is entrusted with submitting proposals to the Ministry with regard to formulating a national strategy for combating corruption, as well as on legislative and institutional reforms in this area. The Committee also sets national indicators and criteria for measuring corruption. It also monitors administrative corruption and proposes mechanisms for closing the gaps in public services. Moreover, the Committee submits proposals on the principles of upgrading the civil service and activating the system for receiving the complaints of citizens. The Committee is chaired by the Minister of State for Administrative Development, Mr. Ahmad Mahmoud Darwish.
Western Governorate of (muhafazat] al-Gharbiyah) [English][Arabic].