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* Regional Conference on Environmental Crimes in the Arab States
Lebanon, 3/17/2009 - 3/18/2009
Organized by: UNDP Country Office, UNEP, Lebanese Ministry of Justice, Lebanese Ministry of Envrionment
This conference aims at strengthening the capacities of Public Prosecutors and disseminating knowledge amongst them on matters related to the protection of the environment. In addition, it aims at promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants, creating a framework for cooperation to combat environmental crimes and reduce their growth. It further attempts to shed light on the international standards, principles, and mechanisms of control in this area, as well as the legislative reality in the Arab countries and the standards for criminality and control on the international level.

Agenda [English][Arabic]
List of Participants [English]
Background paper [English][Arabic]
Recommendations [English][Arabic]
Opening statement [Arabic]
Opening statement [English]
Opening statement [Arabic]
The State of the Environment in the Region: Challenges and Opportunities [English]
Arab Environment: Future Challenges [English]
The nature of environmental crimes [French]
The international legal framework against envrionmental crime [English]
Impact of environmental crime on growth and development [English]
The prinicples of environmental law and their implications on environmental crimes [French]
Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Overview and Perspectives [English]
The role of public proseuction in combating environmental crimes [Arabic]
The public prosecutors role in combating environmental violations [French]
Criminal liabilities stemming from environmental cimes [French]
Environmental crimes in the Arab states [Arabic]
The French model for the prevention of environmental violations [French]
The French model for the prevention of environmental crimes [French]
Prevention techniques in France for combating environmental violations [French]
Tools for improving compliance with environmental laws in arab states [English]
Working paper presented by the Ministry of Environment in Iraq [Arabic]
Working paper presented by the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt [Arabic]
Working paper submitted by the Public Prosecutor in the Arab Republic of Egypt [Arabic]
Working paper presented by Mr. Yves Mayaud [French]
Executive summary on the study of environmental legislation in the Arab States and the extent of its commitment to the requirements of international environmental conventions and modern concepts [Arabic]