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Structure of Activities:
The six themes of the Initiative require a work programme the activities of which are structured to take into consideration the commitment and capacity of each country. Each theme will have:

  • A regional structure through the work of Thematic Coordinators as well as
  • Individual country focus through the National Work Groups to be established for each theme in each committed Arab country.

National Coordination Committee
Each government will establish a National Coordination Committee whose members would be carefully selected and appointed by the highest executive authority. The instrument for establishing this Committee would clearly define its authority for coordinating and overseeing all activities under the Programme.
Thematic Focal Points Governments will also nominate Thematic Focal Points for each theme; these persons are usually the leaders of the working groups.
Thematic Coordinators will work closely on a regular basis with their respective Focal Points across the region to facilitate the implementation of activities that will be jointly designed. Countries will vary in their priorities and issues to be discussed; it is not therefore expected that all countries would work on all themes and in the same degree of attention as the others.
To support the Thematic Coordinators and the Work Groups at individual country level, UNDP-POGAR and OECD1 agreed to equally share the responsibility for Programme implementation.

  • Themes I-III are the responsibility of OECD, and
  • Themes IV-VI are those of UNDP-POGAR.

Steering Committee
The six Arab Thematic Coordinators and their OECD partner countries will constitute the Initiative Steering Committee to be chaired by the sponsoring Arab country (as may be designated as indicated above)2 . The Steering Committee will hold two meetings per year during the first year and only one meeting in subsequent years. Other meetings may be held if circumstances warrant. Members of the Technical Secretariat (as indicated below) will attend those meetings and keep minutes of proceedings and decisions.

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1 OECD and UNDP-POGAR will work closely with the respective countries and with their OECD partners. They will provide the necessary guidance and possibly supplementary technical expertise, as may be needed. They will both endeavor to ensure the effective implementation of planned activities and together will act as a catalyst to support their respective Arab countries in their national and regional work. They will also undertake an active campaign for resource mobilization to provide an uninterrupted flow of funds necessary for successful programme implementation.

2 The Sponsoring Country may be represented by its Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Development (with varying titles).