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Theme 1: Civil Service and Integrity:
The Civil Service in some Arab countries is seen to be overstaffed, rendering weak productivity and having issues of integrity. Beyond this simple statement of low performance, problems are complex and touch upon crucial political and social issues. In order to achieve sustainable change, reforms have to use different levers.

1. Reducing the workforce:

  • How to decrease the number of public employees and move away from being an employer of last resort?
  • How best to devise workforce adjustment strategies that are coherent with overall public sector restructuring strategies?
  • How to best mitigate the social effects of downsizing?
  • Improving adaptivity and productivity:
  • How to make recruitment, career and pay systems more merit-based?
  • How to measure the performance of civil servants and increase individual productivity?
  • How to make the public employer attractive and pay levels compatible with on the one side, performance and integrity, and on the other side, sound public finance?
  • How to make the civil service an adaptable workforce in the context of globalisation?


Theme Highlight

This Framework for Policy Dialogue includes priority issues gleaned from international experience in order to serve as a guide for policy discussion. Working Groups in Arab countries may find them useful; countries may change or add their own priority issues.

See also the Results and Recommendations of this Panel's meeting during the Dead Sea Conference 6-7 February 2005.