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Programme Monitoring:

Monitoring Programme activities is an essential element of implementation. Monitoring would be conducted at three levels:

  • At the country level. The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) is the closest entity to the implementation plan for all activities under each theme. This first level of monitoring aims at
    (i) ensuring that activities are going as planned;
    (ii) that if problems arise, proper action is taken;
    (ii) assessing progress and measuring impact and;
    (iv) aggregating information and lessons learnt to be shared internally with stakeholders and externally with other countries, with the Steering Committee and the Technical Secretariat.
    The Technical Secretariat would provide assistance, if needed, to define the benchmarks against which progress may be measured.
  • At the Thematic Coordinators level. Working closely with the respective group in each country, progress would be monitored to ensure that understandings reached with the Work Groups are being implemented and that plans for action are being respected. Monitoring would be done through periodic reports to be submitted to the Thematic Coordinator by the relevant Work Group in each country according to a format and frequency agreed between the parties. Such reports should also be copied to the Technical Secretariat. The OECD partner country would be involved in the monitoring process and would provide assistance to set up benchmarks for measurement. Monitoring reports are shared with all countries during the meetings with the Thematic Coordinator in each case.
  • At the Technical Secretariat level. The TS collects all the reports produced, synthesizes them into a quarterly report to be shared with all concerned. It analyses results and shares concerns where appropriate. It motivates groups where progress is made and helps those that may benefit from advice and guidance. The Technical Secretariat prepares an Annual Progress Report based on the monitoring results to be made available, publicly if beneficial. Such reports would be submitted to the Steering Group and to the Initiative Conference. The last report of the TS, towards the end of the three-year implementation period, would outline possible future actions.