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   Publications: Judiciary

Arab Judicial Structures
A Study Presented To The United Nations Development Program
by Nathan J. Brown

  Administration and Relationship with the Ministry of Justice
  • Most judicial matters are not under judicial control
  • Egypt
  • The judiciary has a considerable amount of budgetary and administrative autonomy from the Ministry of Justice, though the Ministry retains a role in some matters
  • Jordan
  • The budget and administration are largely within the Ministry of Justice
  • Kuwait
  • The Ministry of Justice, with consultation of the Supreme Judicial Council, oversees most budgetary and administrative support of the court
  • Lebanon
  • The budget and administration of the courts largely falls within the Ministry of Justice
  • Morocco
  • The Ministry of Justice still plays the predominant role
  • Palestine/Palestinian National Authority
  • The budget of the courts is overseen by the Ministry of Justice
  • Since the legislative basis for courts is still being established, the Ministry of Justice plays a major role in court administration, though a newly-established judicial council is taking on some important functions
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Much of the administrative support for the courts comes from the ministry of Justice
  • Budgetary matters are most probably within the Ministry of Justice, but it is difficult to obtain information on this area
  • Sudan
  • Most of the budgetary oversight and implementation falls to the chief justice along with the Supreme Judicial Council
  • Supervisory and administrative functions are assigned to the chief justice
  • The chief justice is a presidential appointment
  • Syria
  • Budgetary issues are within the Ministry of Justice
  • The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for virtually all administrative functions related to the judiciary and oversees support personnel for the courts
  • Tunisia
    • The budget and administration of the courts fall largely within the Ministry of Justice
    United Arab Emirates
  • The Ministry of Justice retains oversight virtually over all aspects of court administration
  • The Federal Supreme Court has some autonomy
  • The portfolio for justice is combined with Islamic Affairs and Awqaf (religious endowment)
  • Yemen
  • The budget is largely the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice
  • The Supreme Court has an independent budget that is overseen by its president
  • The Ministry of Justice has a close administrative relationship with the Supreme Judicial Council and other judicial organs

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