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   Publications: Judiciary

Arab Judicial Structures
A Study Presented To The United Nations Development Program
by Nathan J. Brown

  Structure of Court System
  • Three levels: Civil and criminal, first instance, Supreme Court
  • Three levels: Summary and primary, appeals, cassation
  • Separate administrative court system
  • Religious and special courts retain jurisdiction as specified by the constitution or law
  • Civil courts have three levels: primary and magistrate, appeals, cassation
  • High Court of Justice hears administrative cases
  • Three levels: Summary and first instance, appeals courts, cassation
  • Courts of general jurisdiction have three levels: first instance, appeals, cassation
  • Administrative court system
  • Three levels of courts for general jurisdiction: Communal, district, and primary courts, appeals, Supreme Court
Palestine/ Palestinian National Authority
  • Currently two levels: magistrate and district courts, court of appeals Plans to construct a court of cassation
  • High Court for administrative cases
Saudi Arabia
  • Basis for court system are the shari�a courts
  • There are trial courts (two levels), appeals court and a Supreme Judicial Council
  • There are a number of specialized tribunals (details discussed in Specialized Courts)
  • Three levels: general or summary, appeals, Supreme Court
  • Three levels: magistrate, juvenile, customs, and first instance; appeals; cassation
  • Three levels: cantonal and first instance, appeals, cassation
United Arab Emirates
  • Federal court system has three levels: primary, appeals, Supreme Court
  • Local court system has two courts: shari�a courts and rulers� courts
  • Three levels: first instance, appeals, Supreme Court

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