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   Publications: Judiciary

Arab Judicial Structures
A Study Presented To The United Nations Development Program
by Nathan J. Brown

judicial education
  • Judges required to complete year at National Judicial Training Institute
  • Egypt
  • Cairo�s National Center for Judicial Studies is constructing a two-year program for new members of the judicial corps and initiated some efforts to provide continuing education for judges
  • Some training of non-Egyptian judges
  • Jordan
  • The Jordanian Judicial Institute works to train judges and raise the legal knowledge of existing judges
  • Kuwait
  • Kuwait has still not been able to train sufficient numbers of judges to staff all of its courts
  • The Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies administers training session for judges, prosecutors, court personnel, and state legal advisors
  • Some training completed in other Arab countries
  • Lebanon
  • The Institute for Judicial Studies provides for initial training for Lebanese judges
  • Morocco
  • New judges go through a mandatory three-year training period in the National Institute of Judicial Studies
  • Palestine/ Palestinian National Authority
  • There is no formal system of training Palestinian judges, but Palestinian universities have begun to build law schools; one university conducts some judicial training
  • Some judges complete training in other countries
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Judges receive university training in Islamic law before attending the High Institute of the Judiciary for further training
  • Some university courses are offered in the regulatory legal system
  • Sudan
  • Judges are expected to undergo a year of specialized judicial training and a year of practical training after receiving a law degree
  • Syria
  • Required training is accomplished through practical training rather than formal study
  • Tunisia
    • The High Magistrates Institute
    • The Center for Legal Judicial Studies, which is a research body
    United Arab Emirates
  • Many judges are borrowed from other Arab countries
  • Native UAE judges are mostly trained overseas
  • Yemen
  • New members of the judicial corps have to go through three years of mandatory course of study at then High Judicial Institute after receiving their law degrees

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