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   Publications: Judiciary

Arab Judicial Structures
A Study Presented To The United Nations Development Program
by Nathan J. Brown

  Prosecution System
  • Niyaba system
  • Investigation of crimes often handled by the judicial police
  • Egypt
  • Niyaba system
  • Jordan
  • Niyaba system which is part of the Ministry of Justice
  • Kuwait
  • Niyaba system
  • Lebanon
  • Niyaba system
  • The system is both a judicial and an executive branch function
  • Morocco
  • Niyaba system
  • It is a quasi-judicial function, where the public prosecution is part of the executive branch
  • Palestine/ Palestinian National Authority
  • Niyaba system
  • The system is still establishing itself
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Investigation and prosecution of crimes are the functions of the police and Ministry of Interior
  • Sudan
  • Niyaba system that is not completely adopted
  • The system is an executive-branch function under the Ministry of Justice
  • Syria
  • Niyaba system
  • Though described in the constitution as judicial in character, the niyaba is headed by the minister of justice
  • Tunisia
    • The system is largely judicial though prosecutors fall within the Ministry of Justice
    United Arab Emirates
  • Niyaba system
  • It is a judicial function that is overseen by the Ministry of Justice
  • Yemen
  • Niyaba system

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