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Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America, and the Middle and Far East (IPALMO)

IPALMO is an international, non-profit-making research institute established in Rome in 1971 to address political and economic developments in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East as well as economic problems related to globalization.
IPALMO's tasks include raising awareness in Italy of African, Latin American and Asian affairs, stimulating debate on Italy's foreign and development policy in relation to the developing world.

The Institute's main areas of interest and research are inter alia (remove), regional integration processes in Latin America, Africa and the Middle Eastern Mediterranean countries; their relationship with the European Union; their economic integration with special reference to MERCOSUR and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership; and the internationalization of small-and medium-scale (remove) enterprises (SME) in developing countries. IPALMO has organized conferences and seminars both at national and international levels on each of these themes.

IPALMO has carried out initiatives in conjunction with a number of bodies: the Directorate General for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the European Commission; the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU); both lower and upper Houses of the Italian Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate); several UN agencies, as well as with Italian universities and private organizations.

The Institute's membership covers a broad cultural spectrum, and includes business analysts, community leaders and university professors.

Aims and Activities

IPALMO aims at promoting and developing Italy's international political, economic and cultural relations, including Europe's economic and institutional integration processes. It equally aims at engaging in research and cultural activities, organizing conferences, workshops and training activities, including specific courses for public and private operators. IPALMO publishes books on specific themes as well as its own journal, "Politica Internazionale", with the overall objective of promoting and developing international economic and cultural relations with other countries.

IPALMO'S global objective is to build awareness in Italy and around the world of socio-political and economic conditionsin developing countries. To this end, the Institute stimulates debate among political forces and civil society on the specific role of Italy's foreign policy, in general, and international development co-operation. IPALMO supports research in these areas BY, providing documentary and technical support for research studies.

IPALMO has performed a wide range of activities, as follows:
- Networking and Co-ordination of Research in collaboration with national and international organisations and institutions, research centres and universities;
- Management of a Data Centre, Archive and Library on current world events in IPALMO's areas of interest;
- Publication of the bi-monthly Journal "Politica Internazionale";
- Organisation of conferences and meetings at the national and international levels;
- Publication and dissemination of research findings.