POGAR Governance News A syndication of the most recently added news. uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=1 Copyright pogar.org 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=2 Qatar: Qatar and UNDP finalize agreement to set up Arab regional anti-corruption initiative in Doha [4/25/2012] 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=3 Qatar: Arab region experts draw on UNDP support and declare new anti-corruption initiatives in Doha [3/27/2012] 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=4 UN Agencies: Regional Conference Public Service Delivery in Arab Countries: Corruption Risks and Possible Responses [9/30/2011] 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=5 UN Agencies: Siemens and UNDP launch joint anti-corruption efforts for Arab region [9/30/2011] 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z uuid:1bf7626c-ac8b-4ae3-8aaa-2da8ea0c2cda;id=6 UN Agencies: Qatar backs anti-corruption project in Arab States [9/22/2011] 2012-05-11T13:15:57Z