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Our coverage of legal documents pertains to the themes of rule of law, transparency and accountability, and participation. Our researchers select those legal texts that provide the legal framework of these. On this page we record and analyze what we find online.

We provide current legal texts, while at the same time keeping previous versions of the text. Comparisons between old and new versions may explain some of the significant legal developments that are reshaping governance and leading to new legal practices.

The legal texts -sorted by country and then by year- provide the current version of the law followed by the older versions.

Legal Texts Added Recently
Lebanon - Prime Minister Decision 156/2011 to establish a national ministerial anti-corruption committee [Arabic]
Lebanon - Prime Minister Decision 157/2011 to establish the technical anti-corruption committee [Arabic]
Tunisia - The National Fact-Finding Committee on Corruption and Malversation - Decree No. 7/2011 of the Interim President. [Arabic]
Egypt - Law N:89-1998 on Tendering and amendments [Arabic]
Morocco - Internal regulations of the institution of diwan al madhalim [English][Arabic]