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Bahrain - Law Decree No. 22/1989 Promulgating the Law of Associations, Social and Cultural Clubs, Special Bodies Working in the Field of Youth and Sports, and Special Purpose Institutions [old version] [Arabic].
Bahrain - Social Legislation Law Decree No. 8/1972 Concerning Cooperatives [Arabic].
Egypt - Civil Associations and Institutions Law No. 84 of 2002 [Arabic].
Egypt - Executive List of the Associations Law of 2002 [Arabic].
Egypt - Law on Non-Governmental Organizations of 2002 [English].
Iraq - Amendment to Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. 45 by Order No. 61 of 2004 [Arabic].
Iraq - Non-Governmental Organizations – Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. 45 of 2003 [English][Arabic].
Jordan - Associations Law, 2008 [Arabic].
Jordan - Licensing and Registration of Clubs and Youth Organizations system, 2005 [Arabic].
Issued according to paragraph B of Article 8 of the Supreme Youth Council Law No. 65 of 2001.
Jordan - Law of Associations and Social Organizations No. 33 of 1966 [old version] [Arabic].
Kuwait - Law No. 24 of 1962 concerning Clubs and Public Welfare Associations [Arabic].
Morocco - Establishing Associations Law of 2002 [Arabic].
Oman - Civil Associations Law of 2000 [Arabic].
Amended by Royal Decree No. 55/2001 and Royal Decree No. 30/2001 and Ministerial Resolution No. 150/2000.
Oman - Associations Law, 2000 [Arabic].
Royal Decree No. 14/2000, adjusted with Royal Decree 55 for the year 2001 and Royal Decree 30 for the year 2001 and Ministerial Decision 150 for the year 2000
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Cooperative Societies Draft Law of 2004 [Arabic].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Law of Charitable Associations and Community Organizations- Law No. 1 of 2000 [English][Arabic].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Public Assembly Law, 1998 [Arabic].
Qatar - Associations and Private Institutions Law of 2004 [Arabic].
Syria - Associations and Private Institutions Law and its Amendments of 1970 [Arabic].
United Arab Emirates - Federal Law No. 20 of 1981 Amending certain Provisions of Federal Law No. 6/1974 Concerning Public Welfare Associations [Arabic].
United Arab Emirates - Federal Law No. 6 of 1974 Concerning Public Welfare Associations [old version] [Arabic].