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POGAR > Resources > Arab Financial Management Laws

Algeria - State Budgets 1998-2004 [French].
Iraq - Budget Law for the Year 2008 [Arabic].
Mauritania - Regulatory Authority Law [French].
Law No. 18 0 2001
Morocco - Law of Finances, 2009 [Arabic].
Morocco - Investment Charter, No. 18-95 [English][French].
Official Gazette n° 4336 - December 6, 1995.
Morocco - Laws of Financial Audit [Arabic].
Oman - State Audit Law [English].
Promulgated by Royal Decree No. 55/2000 and published in the Omani Official Gazette Volume No.675.
Tunisia - Higher Commission for Public Markets [Arabic][French].
United Arab Emirates - State Audit Institution Law [English][Arabic].
Text of the Federal Law No 7 for 1976 on the establishment of the State Audit Institution in the U.A.E.
Yemen - Law No. (31), 1992 regarding the System of Chartered Accountants [Arabic].