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Bahrain - Proposed Law of 2003 Concerning Regulation of the Press, Printing and Publishing [Arabic].
Bahrain - Law Decree No. 48/2002 Promulgating the Telecommunication Law [Arabic].
Egypt - Telecommunication Regulatory Law No.10 of 2003 [Arabic].
Egypt - Law No. 82/2002 Promulgating Intellectual Property Law [Arabic].
Egypt - Law No.96/1996 on Regulating the Press [Arabic].
Jordan - The System of Licensing and Monitoring Classified Audiovisual Materials No. 63 of 2004 [Arabic].
Issued according to article 26 and paragraph © of article 32 of Law No. 71/2002 pertaining to audiovisual media.
Jordan - Provisional Audiovisual Media Law No.71 of 2002 [Arabic].
Jordan - Law Amending the Printing and Publishing Law No. 30/1999 [Arabic].
Printing Material and Publishing Law No. 8/1998 and its amendments No. 30/1999.
Jordan - Telecommunications Law No. 13 of 1995 and it is amendments [English][Arabic].
Kuwait - Decree Law No.5 of 1999 Concerning Intellectual Property [English].
Lebanon - Amendment of the Publications Law No. 104 of 1977 [Arabic].
Lebanon - Amendment of the Publications Law of 1962 [old version] [Arabic].
Lebanon - Publications Law of 1962 [old version] [Arabic].
Morocco - Press Code of 2003 [French].
Morocco - Audiovisual Communication Law No. 77 of 2002 [Arabic][French].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Telecommunications Law of 2005 [English][Arabic].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Wired and Wireless Communication Law No.3 of 1996 [Arabic].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Printed Material and Publishing Law of 1995 [Arabic].
Qatar - Law No. 25 of 1995 Concerning the Protection of Intellectual Products and the Author's Copyright [Arabic].
Saudi Arabia - Communication Code of 2001 [Arabic].
Sudan - Press Law of 1999 [Arabic].
Syria - Publications Law - Legislative Decree No.50 of 2001 Relating to Printing Materials and Book Stores [Arabic].
Yemen - Press and Printed Material Draft Law of 2005 [Arabic].
Yemen - Amendment of the Press and Printed Material Law No.25 of 1990 [Arabic].
Yemen - Law No. 25 (1990) on the Press and Publications [English][Arabic].