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Bahrain - Supreme Council for Women [Arabic].
The Supreme Council for Women in Bahrain was established by Royal Decree No. 44 of 2001 to be the official institution concerned with women affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Egypt - National Council of Women [English][Arabic].
The Council was established in 2000 by the Presidential Decree No.90 as an autonomous entity with the purpose of advancing the status women in Egypt. The Council runs programmes and projects on women's political empowerment, focusing on Egyptian women in parliament advocacy efforts in the area of legislation, follow up on the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and a programme on Egyptian women in parliament. The website also includes a publications section and is provided in both English and Arabic.
Jordan - National Commission for Women [English][Arabic].
JNCW is a semi-governmental commission that was established in 1992 to promote women's issues in Jordan. The commission represents the Kingdom of Jordan in all issues pertaining to women's affairs at national, regional, and international levels. Its mission is to support the mainstreaming of a gender-equality perspective in all policy areas, to improve the status of women and enhance their role in national development, to encourage the participation of women in economy, politics, and decision making, and to strengthen women's legal rights.
Lebanon - National Commission for Lebanese Women [English][Arabic].
The NCLW is the Lebanese official body responsible for the coordination of national dialogue and action for the advancement of women and gender equality in Lebanon. The page provides summary review about the situation of Lebanese women, their reality and aspirations, and some indicators of women's participation in decision-making at different levels.
Tunisia - National Union of Tunisian Women [Arabic][French].
United Arab Emirates - Dubai Women Establishment [English][Arabic].
The strategy of the Dubai Women Establishment is to enhance Emirati women’s participation in decision-making, help them maintain a balance between their professional and family lives; nurture future Emirati women’s leaders; provide employment opportunities and continuous training.
Yemen - Women National Committee [English][Arabic].
The Women National Committee in Yemen is a technical committee affiliated with the Council of Ministers, proposes policies and programs related to women affairs as well as circulates gender legislation and rights amongst women in order to raise awareness.