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Egypt - The High Elections Commission [English][Arabic].
Iraq - Independent High Electoral Commission [English][Arabic].
The IHEC is an independent body, set up and run using funds allocated in the Iraqi Budget. The Commission is tasked by law to prepare for and conduct elections in Iraq in accordance with the highest international electoral standards. It must be completely impartial and thoroughly professional in order to help ensure the credibility of the coming polls.
Mauritania - Independent National Elections Commission [Arabic][French].
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Central Elections Commission [English][Arabic].
The Central Elections Commission (CEC) is an independent body in charge of administering, conducting and supervising presidential and legislative elections in Palestine.
Sudan - National Election Commission [English][Arabic].
Yemen - Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum [English][Arabic].
The Commission was originally formed according to the provisions of the General Election Law No. 41 of 1992 to prepare, supervise and organize the general elections.