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The Programme on Governance in the Arab region (POGAR) gathers news about governance in the Arab region. It tracks the significant developments at the national and regional levels and publishes these news feeds that are reshaping governance or reflecting new practices. In doing so POGAR informs its users of the social dynamics and interactions between governments, civil society, and international and regional institutions that are bringing about economic reform and political change in the region.

The news, derived from Arab media, focuses on POGAR’s main themes of rule of law, transparency and accountability, and participation. The topics cover public political affairs and developments in all areas of governance, with emphasis on specific titles such as elections, fiscal transparency and fighting corruption, human rights, judicial reform and improvement of laws, state-civil society relations, and women’s role in public life.

In addition to tracking governance related developments in each country, POGAR’s Governance News draws attention to related Arab regional initiatives and collaborations.