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Human Rights: Mauritania (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Amnesty International - Human Rights in Mauritania [English][Arabic][French].
Amnesty International Mauritania 2003 Report [English]. 2003
This report overviews human rights violations that took place in Mauritania in the period between January and December 2002. It focuses on the ill-treatment of prisoners, especially those detained for politically sensitive cases, attacks on freedom of expression and threats to the independence of the judiciary.
Civil and Political Rights, Including the Question of Torture and Detention, Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention [English]. 2001
The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention was established by the Commission on Human Rights in its resolution 1991/42 and entrusted with the investigation of instances of alleged arbitrary deprivation of liberty. The present report covers the group’s activities and missions for the period from January to December 2001 and provides conclusions and recommendations.
Human Rights Watch: Mauritania [English][Arabic][French].
International Labour Organization [English].
A search output of the United Nations International Labour Organization database, NATLEX, of Mauritania's national laws related to human rights, conditions of employment, economic and social development, industrial relations, labor administration, occupational safety and health, social security, training and other provisions by category of persons and by sector of economic activity, as well as the ILO’s ratified conventions.
Mauritania Human Rights Practices, 1994 [English]. 1994
This report discusses human rights abuses in Mauritania, major among them: political and extrajudicial killing, disappearances, torture, denial to fair public trial, attacks on free speech and discrimination based on sex, race and religion.
Mauritania: a Future Free from Slavery [English][Arabic][French]. 2002
This article came in response to Amnesty International’s 2002 report titled: Mauritania, a Future Free from Slavery. It provides a background to the issue of slavery in the country and reports that human rights abuses related to slavery continue to exist.
Mauritania: Waves of Arrests of Political Opponents and Imamas [English][French]. 2003
This report expresses the concern of Amnesty International with the repression of political and religious figures, after the wave of arrests of members of the Parti de la renaissance Nationale (PRN) National Renaissance Party, and of imams that has been taking place in Mauritania since 30 April 2003.
National Report on Follow-Up to the World Summit for Children [French]. 2000
Despite a difficult period defined by structural reforms and social problems, Mauritania succeeded in asserting a real political will and proved its commitment in achieving a part of the objectives of the World Declaration in favor of the survival, protection and development of children.
Report on the Freedom of Expression [French]. 2007
Since August 2005, a legal and institutional framework designed to promote freedom of expression was created but there are numerous challenges to be addressed in Mauritania. This article outlines the efforts deployed to support the process of freedom underway in Mauritania.
Serious Attack on Freedoms of Expression and Association [English][French]. 1998
This report documents the cases of five human rights defenders arrested, and later convicted in Mauritania on the 12th of February, 1998.
U.S. Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices [English].
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