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Consultations with Moroccan Political Parties and Civic Organizations: Trip Report [English]. 1997
This Report covers the series of consultations conducted by NDI, with political leaders and representatives from Moroccan NGOs. The consultations aimed at providing political actors with information on election monitoring and assessing opportunities for future democratic institution building
International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" - Morocco [English].
The International Freedom of Expression Exchange works to promote and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression. This page on Morocco offers press releases, articles, reports and related sites discussing recent issues related to freedom of expression in Morocco.
Morocco: negotiating change with the Makhzen [English]. 2008
The paper argues that thought Morocco is ahead in terms of progressive political liberalization and civil society is vibrant and able to develop its activities without large-scale repressive measures. However, the predominance of informal rules, as well as a range of unnecessary administrative hindrances, demonstrates a still considerably flawed reality under the shining surface of the Moroccan success story. Key obstacles are often rooted not only in deficient laws regulating free association, but in broader structural democratic deficits such as the lack of the rule of law, corruption, the weakness of parliament and the concentration of state powers in the palace
Morocco's Future: Arab, African, or European? [English]. 2001
By Bradford Dillman. The author maintains that Morocco's future identity, as a crossroad between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, will depend on how politicians and citizens respond to global pressures for democratization, economic reform, and human resource development. By balancing and absorbing the cultural, political, and economic influences from surrounding regions, Morocco may remain one of the most peaceful, stable, and pluralistic countries in the Arab and African world.
National Assessment of Citizens, Civil Society and Public Sector Reform in Morocco [Arabic]. 2007
The Moroccan Façade [English][Arabic][French]. 2007
This is a special report of the committee to Protect Journalists. It exposes the politicized court cases, media laws, and the harassment that is undermining a nation’s press gains.
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