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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [Arabic].
Facing Challenges and Pioneering Feminist and Gender Studies: Women in Post-colonial and Today's Maghrib [English]. 2008
A paper published by African and Asian Studies revealing the positive role played by Maghribi women (North African) in the overall development of their countries. It focuses on women's activism in the political sphere and civil society, and their contributions to academia. It sheds light on legislation concerning women, and improvements in women's legal rights whereby the family and nationality laws were amended in the post-colonial period.
Guide to the Morocco Legal System [English]. 2002
Moroccan Gender Report 2006 [Arabic]. 2005
This annex to the 2006 economic and financial report on the gender approach stands as a pioneer step in the Arab world. The report sheds light on the gender approach concept and methodology and on some of the elements of the public policies on gender implemented by the various ministries.
Moroccan Gender Report 2007 [English][Arabic]. 2006
The 2007 Gender Report  published by the Ministry of Finance and Privatization, seeks to assess policies and practices followed by the different ministries, related to gender-responsive budgeting.
Moroccan Gender Report 2008 [English][Arabic]. 2007
The 2008 Gender Report  published by the Ministry of Finance and Privatization aims to review and analyze the impact of the major sectoral programmes to identify some areas of intervention to better take into consideration the gender dimension in the design of public policies.
Study on the Representation of Women in Group Elections [Arabic]. 2009
The Internal Regulations of the House of Representatives: Commented Study [Arabic]. 2008
Study by Mr. Rachid Medouar, Member of Parliament, House of Representatives, Morocco.
The Process of Issuing the Work Code in Morocco [English]. 2005
The paper seeks to ask about the elaboration process of the Work Code. It retraces the political as well as the juridical (legislative and regulatory) itinerary followed by the Code’s text.
Women Rights in Focus: Morocco [English]. 2004
Set of nationwide focus groups conducted in Morocco to gain a deeper understanding of popular attitudes towards women's economic, social, political, and legal rights. It aims to facilitate and support national and international efforts to empower women in the Middle East and North Africa.
Women's Right in Focus: Morocco [English]. 2004
This report, published by Freedom House, presents the findings of a study on public attitudes towards women's rights in Morocco. These findings reveal a general sense of women's progress in Morocco, broad support for women's educational and political rights, changing views in support of women's right to work, and divided views on women's social and family rights. The report also determines that Moroccans’ understanding of Islam strongly informs their views on women’s freedom.
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