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Anti-Corruption: Occupied Palestinian Territories (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Annual Corruption Report [English]. 2008
This report was published on April 2009 by the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMAN. The Report highlights the ongoing efforts to promote values of integrity, principles of transparency and accountability in order to fight corruption in Palestine. It also emphasizes the roles and efforts undertaken by all concerned parties, both official and civil society organizations.
Annual Corruption Report 2008 - Palestine [English][Arabic]. 2009
A publication of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN. The report observes both positive and negative changes in the nature and prevalence of corruption in the various Palestinian sectors and describes the changes that occurred and the factors underlying corruption in 2008. This report seeks to assist decision-makers, politicians and civil society institutions to take necessary actions and steps, each according to their respective positions and functions, in order to reduce the prevalence of corruption.
Parliamentarian’s Guide against Corruption [Arabic]. 2006
This guide, published by Aman-Palestine, discusses corruption in the Palestinian Society and its effects. It provides parliamentarians with practical advices on how to fight corruption.
Strengthening the Accountability and Transparency of the Legislative Process in the West Bank and Gaza [English]. 2008
This is a legislative oversight and advocacy skills training report on the roles of Palestinian Civil Society Organizations in the Gaza strip in the legislative process.
The reporting of corruption in the light of the Palestinian legislation [Arabic]. 2007
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