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A Crumpling Peace Process and a Greater Public Complaint of Corruption and Chaos Gave Hamas a limited Advantage Over Fateh, but Fragmentation within Fateh Turned that Advantage into an Overwhelming Victory [English]. 2006
The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) conducted an exit poll on the day of the second Palestinian legislative elections on 25 January 2006. The poll aims at predicting the outcome of the elections as well as understanding voters’ behavior.
Arab Election Law Compendium: Palestine [English][Arabic].
This page offers articles derived from Palestine's electoral laws related to specific electoral issues such as legislative or parliamentary elections, political parties and nomination of candidates, registration of electors and voters eligibility, campaign finance and other election campaign issues.
Central Elections Commission Guidebook - Second Palestinian Legislative Elections, 2006 [English][Arabic]. 2006
This guidebook provides a detailed outline of the structure of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), the legal framework of the PLC elections, an introduction on the mixed electoral system, a detailed explanation of the electoral processes, as well as information on the Code of Conduct for local and international observers.
Hamas' Victory: a Landslide in Seats, Not in Votes [English]. 2006
Looking at the state of democracy in the region, the Palestinian elections were remarkably transparent and well-run in a context of occupation. The establishment of an independent, impartial and professional election commission was key to this success.
Palestine National Authority - Presidential Elections 2005 [Arabic]. 2005
Coverage from Aljazeera.Net.
Palestinian Electorate: "Islamists are more Capable of Leading the Reform and State Building Process" [English]. 2006
This paper assesses Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian legislative elections and their immediate and longer-term impact on the Palestinian political system as well as the future of democratization and political reform processes in light of anticipated local and international developments, particularly those related to the peace process and Israeli-Palestinian relations.
Report on the Palestinian Presidential Elections 2005 [English]. 2005
This is the report of the National Democratic Institute for international Affairs on the Palestinian presidential elections held on the 9th of January, 2005.
Report on the Second Legislative Elections in Palestine [Arabic]. 2006
Report of the Central Elections Commission on the Second Legislative Elections in Palestine held on 25 Januany 2008.
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