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Building a Successful Palestinian State [English]. 2006
This RAND publication examines the key security issues regarding the construction of a Palestinian state, through addressing the external security of such a state
Constituency Relations: A Two-Way Street, A Workshop for Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council [English][Arabic]. 1997
This document is a report of the workshop held by NDI in Palestine in 1996 titled "Constituency Relations: A Two - Way Street". The goal of the workshop was to discuss the different methods and tactics available to develop effective relations with the public despite shortages in resources.
Entry-Points to Palestinian Security Sector Reform [Arabic]. 2007
This study deals with the reform of the Palestinian security sector. It discusses the legal framework for the governance of such sector, as well as the need for restructuring the security apparatus and for accompanying the security sector reform with a reform of the judiciary. The study also examines civilian control over the sector and the role of illegal armed groups.
Legislative-Executive Relations: Governing in Partnership, A Workshop for Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council [English]. 1997
This is a report of the workshop organized by NDI in collaboration with Associates in Rural Development and the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, titled “Legislative – Executive Relations: Governing in Partnership”.
Organization of the Parliamentary Session: Balancing Democracy and Efficiency [English][Arabic]. 1997
This document is a report of the workshop held by NDI in Palestine in 1997 titled "Organization of the Parliamentary Session: Balancing Democracy and Efficiency". The goal of the workshop was to discuss methods of increasing the efficiency of the plenary procedures, organizing the plenary in the absence of party mechanisms.
Parliamentarian’s Guide against Corruption [Arabic]. 2006
This guide, published by Aman-Palestine, discusses corruption in the Palestinian Society and its effects. It provides parliamentarians with practical advices on how to fight corruption.
Politics, Security and the Barrier: Palestinian Public Perceptions [English][Arabic]. 2006
This DCAF report examines if, and to what extent, changes in the political and socio-economic environment have affected Palestinian public perceptions of security sector governance. It also explores whether the change of government has altered the way Palestinians' perceive not only their security needs but also the peace process and their trust in political factions and the government.
Security Sector Reform (Palestine) [Arabic]. 2005
This paper published by Aman-Palestine, provides an overview of the Palestinian security sector institutions and their relation to the rest of the public sector. It also discusses the different reforms of the security sector included in the reform document proposed the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2002.
Security Sector Reform Plan, Reorganization and Restructuring of the Security Sector Institutions [Arabic]. 2005
This paper prepared by Aman – Palestine sheds light on the legal and institutional framework governing the security section in Palestine, and proposes practical reforms such as unification of some overlapping institutions, reorganizing the military hierarchy, and allocating a budget for the security sector.
Strengthening the Accountability and Transparency of the Legislative Process in the West Bank and Gaza [English]. 2008
This is a legislative oversight and advocacy skills training report on the roles of Palestinian Civil Society Organizations in the Gaza strip in the legislative process.
The First Months of the Palestinian Legislative Council [English]. 1996
This report published by NDI is an assessment of the Palestinian Legislative Council. It provides a snapshot of the PLC in its early weeks. Some of the issues covered are: the role of parties and factions in the PLC, the formal powers of the Palestinian council and constraints on it and its members, organization of the Council and its meetings. it also covered the Council structure, the legislative process, and the legislative executive relations.
The Public Sector in Palestine: Duties and Powers of the Palestinian National Authority Institutions [Arabic]. 2006
This publication produced by Aman-Palestine introduces the legal framework governing public sector institutions in Palestine by reviewing the legislation by virtue of which these institutions operate, be it the ones implemented by the concerned institutions or the administrative legislation organizing their activity. The study identifies the weaknesses and strengths in the legal situation of public sector institutions in Palestine, as well as the problems faced by these institutions and the obstacles preventing them from discharging their .duties in an efficient way, and suggests practical measures aimed at improving the efficiency of these institutions.
The Security Sector Legislation of the Palestinian National Authority [English][Arabic]. 2008
This DCAF publication contains a compilation security sector legislation adopted by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) – laws, executive decisions, and bylaws of institutions relevant to the security sector.
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